Survivors’ Quotes

Survivor of cyber crime

Quote of the survivor:

“I was really worried. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Someone told me about Madadgaar and I called hopelessly because I was exhausted, but Madadgaar took over the matter only on a phone call and got the blackmailer arrested through FIA. My family doesn’t want that is why I cannot pursue the case further, but I will forever be grateful of what Madadgaar did for me”.

Quote from the survivor's parents

“We didn’t have the financials and the stamina to pursue the case for “Khula”. However Madadgaar did it all for us, and followed up on our case without any charges. It helped us take our case to court when no one was listening to us and we were handicapped. We don’t know how to express our gratitude. All we can say is that we are really happy”.

Survivor of domestic abuse.

Victim of trafficking.

Quote from the survivor's family

“Madadgaar was very sincere with us. They did a press conference with us to highlight our plight. Then they took us to the DIG office, and sat with us where we told the DIG our concerns. We could never have had access to all these channels which accelerated the efforts taken to find our daughter. It is only because of Madadgaar that this impossibility became a reality”.

Quotes from the survivor

My family is facing severe financial crisis but I still want my daughters to be educated. However, their overdue fees and the admin’s decision could have sabotaged my dream and my girls’ education had it not been for the intervention by Madadgaar and Zia Awan. They saved the career of my girls and helped me keep my dream alive”

Survivor of financial difficulty

Survivor of domestic abuse

Survivor’s Quote:

“I am very happy. I ran away to save myself from the beating. I would not have anywhere to go even if I got Khula. Madadgaar emphatically found the best solution for my problem through conflict resolution and re-united me with my family, at the same time taking proper measures for my protection”
The husband also showed gratitude and said “I have realized the gravity of my attitude and I repent. Thanks to Madadgaar for opening my eyes and giving me another chance”.