What is domestic violence?

Domestic Violence includes but is not limited to, all acts of gender based and other physical or psychological abuse committed by someone against women, children or other vulnerable persons, with whom the victims is or has been in a domestic relationship.Who can experience domestic violence?

Who can experience domestic violence?

Any person regardless of their gender can suffer domestic violence at the hands of an abusive member of the family. However, such type of violence is commonly targeted towards women and children, as they are the most vulnerable in such cases.

How common is domestic violence?

Domestic Violence is very common in our society. Reportedly, round 30% women in Pakistan are subjected to such kind of violence and most them do not report such issues, which keeps from revealing the true extent of its prevalence.

What sort of help is available?

  • Shelter to women who have left their houses due to such violence.
  • Legal aid and service, in order to get custody of child and getting “Khula” (Separation) in any case in which the victim consensually agrees to do so where they have faced violence from the spouse/partner.
  • Protection from the perpetrators, through police and courts, if the threat is still imminent.
  • Conflict resolution by playing a mediatory role where possible.
  • Recovery of dowry articles, dower amount, maintenance of the women and children.

Who are we?

Madadgaar is Pakistan’s first Helpline for children & women suffering from violence, abuse and exploitation. Madadgaar helpline had the honour of being the first helpline of Pakistan for women and children, working for the last 13 years. During these 13 years, it received more than 119,600 calls and dealt with at least 20,700 cases of violence against women and children.

What do we do? What type of cases do we handle?

We deal with all cases that infringe upon the basic rights of women and children, that includes all kind of physical, domestic and sexual abuse conducted against them. In these cases, we provide telephonic counselling, face to face counselling to walk-in survivors, crisis intervention, guidance, legal advices and legal aid and referral services to all victims or their representatives approaching us.

Will my information be private?

Yes, we keep all information provided to us with extreme confidentiality.

I am supporting someone. Can I call on their behalf?


Can I be helped in a language other than Urdu?


I live outside Pakistan and cannot walk-in so how do I get help?

You can seek help through Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Madadgaar Mobile App, Madadgaar Website and over the telephone.

My matter is urgent and I need to talk to someone right now. What do I do?

You can connect with us via any of the above mentioned mediums and we will connect you to the relevant person as soon as possible.